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Below are the services that we offer as part of our set price packages; all members of our team have expertise in all services we provide, so you get a quick and easy accounting experience. We pride our self in the work we carry out, so you can be sure you’ll getting a first class service, without the high costs.


If you are self employed, once a year the HMRC require that you complete your self assessment tax return to ensure that you are paying the right amount of tax. In order to make an accurate tax return you are expected to keep records of expenses, sales and purchases made.

Self Assessment tax returns can be complicated, confusing and lengthy – at Judge Accounting we can help you reduce your tax bill and get any money due back to you quickly and efficiently


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We look after your figures so that you don’t have to.
We constantly monitor and adapt our services to changing economic circumstances, legislation and individual client needs.

We can help your company:
Complete and submit your accounts to HMRC and Companies House
Reduce your tax bill
Quickly and efficiently get any monies due back to you
File your accounts with HMRC
Send out reminders so you avoid penalties
Save you time and money


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Payroll involves everything that has to do with the payment of employees and the filing of employment taxes. This includes keeping track of hours, calculating wages and printing and delivering pay slips. When you use Judge Accounting for your Payroll needs, you are employing us to be your expert, to be your knowledge base for current and forthcoming Payroll requirements.

We will provide:
Standard forms for new and departing employees (P45 and P46)
Yearly Pay statements (P60)
Payroll on a weekly, four weekly or monthly frequency
Communication direct with your tax office on payroll issues
Ongoing help and advice




The very mention of vat registration and the associated compliance work is not something many look forward to or are comfortable with but vat registration for many businesses is a sign of growth. There are potential benefits even if you have not reached the required turnover for last 12 months of in excess of £81,000. As you reach this figure you are typically obliged to register for vat.

We can:
Discuss the benefits that Vat registration will bring to your company
Reduce your tax bill
Quickly and efficiently get any monies due back to you
Register your company for VAT
Prepare and submit quarterly or annual returns
Remind you when your next return is due
Collect any records or information from your premises


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Tax is a notoriously complex area; but it’s our job to keep fully up-to-date with all changes in tax rules. Our friendly and efficient service will de-mystify them and help you get the best net return for your hard work. Judge Accounting can help you plan ahead to minimise tax liabilities.

If you come across a tax issue you are uncertain about, we can arrange a meeting or phonecall to explain and detail what is right for your business.


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All of our company formations will give you full trading ability along with all of the official documentation you will need. If you need any help once you have set up your company, we will also provide help and support for you.

We will complete all the necessary paperwork to register your company and submit the application to Companies House, completing the whole process within hours of you choosing your company name.



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